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TaeKido: What is it?

TaeKido is a mostly Korean based traditional mixed martial art system.  Its main influences include the martial arts of Traditional Hapkido, Traditional Chang Hon Style Taekwon-Do, Kyuktooki (Korean style Thai-boxing seen in K1) and the Filipino martial arts of weapons and trapping. TaeKido is a system which emphasizes the application of striking, locking and throwing techniques in practical, free-flowing fighting situations, rather than the static applications, more in common in traditional styles of Korean martial arts. It also takes into consideration the use of weapons and the potential attack by a skilled weapon wielding assailant and what can be done is these situations through repetitive weapons training.

In a sense TaeKido in an attempt to combine the practical, free-flowing technique applications, often seen in mixed martial arts, whilst still retaining many traditional martial art attributes, such as uniforms, terminology and ranking structure.

The trend of martial arts circles has been divided into two major directions. One is the direction that pursue the social physical education and sports in which all men and women without regard to age can participate. The other is the direction that keeps the intrinsic strength of martial art intact no matter how classical it may look.

TaeKido is a real warfare oriented martial art that accepts the advantages of both directions in order to fit it into the realistic situation of modern people.

Why TaeKido?

A look at any martial art from the past and you will see a line of other various martial arts that they have come from or a lineage so to speak of what was put together to make whatever martial art that that combination makes up. Such as Karate, which is Chinese Kung Fu in combination with Jiu-Jitsu and other native arts or Taekwon-Do which is Karate and Kung Fu combined with other native arts and so on for any martial arts history going back to India and Bodhidharma. More recently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was an adaptation from Kodokan Judo or Kano Jiu-Jitsu and so it makes perfect sense that we as modern martial arts practitioners should look at the arts available and begin to landscape the martial arts that seems to fit our needs better.

This idea of using more than one martial art has been in practice around us for years now in the form of Sport MMA unfortunately Sport MMA lacks the traditional aspects of martial arts in general. So where do we go in order to train in a traditional martial art that is not a children's program and incorporates the many arts that we know from seeing them work?

We have addressed this in our TaeKido program by making what we feel is a very strong representation of various martial arts and incorporated them into our comprehensive and easy to follow TaeKido syllabus all while still maintaining the core of our Traditional Martial Arts emphasis. This enables our students to get the best of the best in one program and be a complete martial artist without having to take five arts or training in Sport MMA and missing out on the traditional aspects of the art..

TaeKido is a martial art that enables a person to get the better of an attacker or opponent with great effectiveness and efficiency in the quickest manner by weaponizing all parts of their body.

What arts are in TaeKido?

1. Taekwon-Do: Stand up fighting such as punches, kicks, elbows, knees with a very traditional structure.
2. Hapkido: Is the most inclusive Traditional Martial Arts that I have found. Joint locks, take downs, escort techniques, weapons defense and use. The same stand up as above except much more free flow but no set patterns or Tuls.

3. Korean Ground Jiu Jitsu (Yusul): (is in Hapkido, always has been)

4. Kyuktooki: Korean Muay Thai. 

5. Components of Kali: Filipino Boxing and trapping skills with a lot of emphasis on closing the distance, striking or joint locking to submission.

6. Components of Jun Fan Gung Fu: or Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Bruce Lee's martial art primarily involving trapping and closing the distance in many, many ways. Leading to strikes or take downs and joint locks for submission.

7. Boxing: No martial art is complete without American style boxing.

8. TaeKido was designed with the idea that you must be able to defend yourself against a SKILLED assailant and WIN!  Unlike most childrens based martial arts programs.

Q.  Why mostly Korean arts?
A.  Korean arts offer a very traditional way of teaching and learning. Korean arts are very encompassing including in them all 5Zones of Self Defense as well as very traditional drills to accomplish a deep learning of them.  They also offer external and internal training which I find very important to the overall martial arts personal experience.

Q. Why the other arts?
A. Because I believe they work and work very well at closing the distance with the trapping and allowing all of what you are learning to flow into the finishing techniques and because being a true martial artist is so much more than just knowing one art.

Where is it offered?

TaeKido is only offered at Komplete Martial Arts here in Verona Pa. USA, and Portmarnock Ireland.

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