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Kids Martial Arts

KMA Youth Martial Arts

Youth Martial Arts

Ages 4-12

Komplete Martial Arts offers children’s martial arts classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do. Both arts teach discipline and develop character which the martial arts are well known for and both are included for one price. 

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Youth Taekwondo Program

Taekwondo is a Korean style of Karate that specializes in striking. Like Judo, Taekwondo is an Olympic sport. A Taekwondo practitioner spends a lot of time stretching, punching, kicking and doing forms. Forms are choreographed moves that a student practices by themselves. Forms develop muscular control, balance, conditioning and concentration. Since Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu does not teach striking we believe that Taekwondo will round out student knowledge of this area of the martial arts.

We teach an age specific curriculum in a well structured, disciplined format, keeping in line with the time tested principles of martial arts training. We inject life skills training into each lesson, to instill our students with the many benefits of martial arts such as respect, discipline and focus. These life lessons are practiced and ultimately understood through various methods of training such as traditional Taekwondo forms, kicking, punching, sparring, board breaking, success skills testing, and tournaments. All these activities are taught and practiced in a safe and controlled environment. For example, the kids are fully outfitted with protective equipment when sparring and tournament matches are controlled by trained and qualified instructors. 

Kid's Sparring

Our classes are 45 minutes to 60 Minutes in length. 45 Minutes for Classes strictly targeted for our Youngest Children’s group our 4 and 5 year olds.  Most Children 6 up to 12 can expect an exciting 45 minute class. Teenagers are encouraged to train with the adults for role modeling, and can attend classes 1 hour in length along side the adults. This provides our Teenagers a no nonsense training environment they will find relaxing, mature, and challenging. 

Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program (BJJ)

Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial-arts program that emphasizes close-quarter passive protection. BJJ is an easy style to learn and is unparalleled in effectiveness in comparison to other more traditional martial-arts styles. Our teaching methodology incorporates skill-oriented techniques and drills that sometimes seem like fun and games to the children. Through this approach, young students learn effective techniques — but also yearn to stick with the program.

While we encourage our youth students to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for its benefits in exercise and discipline, we understand parents sometimes seek out martial-arts programs as an antidote to school bullying. Our students can easily and effectively restrain a bully, stopping him or her from taking more aggressive actions. At the same time, we’re careful about how much we teach our youngest students: We wait until a student has matured physically and mentally before we teach common jiu-jitsu submission techniques, like arm bars and chokes. Those techniques can cause serious injury (on the part of the bully or aggressor), and in some cases lead to school suspensions or even lawsuits. 

KMA Youth Martial Arts

Childhood bullying has become a very serious problem in America. Surveys indicate that one in six children is regularly bullied. Bullying can lead to a loss of self-confidence, depression, despair or worse, as the news media have reported repeatedly recently. We want our program to give your child self-assurance that he or she will carry for a lifetime.

To learn more about our children’s martial arts programs and/or to schedule a free consultation and free class, please call us at 412-426-5621 or just stop in our school. We look forward to meeting you. 

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